Morice Young confidentiality undertaking towards visitors of its site

Concerned about protecting your private life we take all possible steps to protect the confidentiality of your personal information. By ensuring that you are aware of and understand perfectly this confidentiality undertaking, we will provide you with a better quality service.
Please read these provisions that will inform you of the way we treat your personal information.

Why we collect personal information

We collect and use your personal information to provide you with a high quality service and a more convenient access to our products and services.

How we collect personal information

We may request personal information from the moment you correspond with us.
To save you time and make our services even more user-friendly, the online shop on our website allows the creation of a Morice Young personal profile from your personal information. When placing an order on the Morice Young online shop next time, you will just have to enter your e-mail address and your password – the software will automatically find the required information.
Under no circumstances, will we directly record on our site your personal information relating to the payment information. This proceeding is carried out in accordance with the payment methods described under the heading online payment.
Thus, under no circumstances, will we request information relating to your payment by e-mail, telephone or any other means of communication.

When we disclose personal information

We undertake not to disclose your personal information to any third parties whatsoever apart from the carrier in order to optimize deliveries. The law or legal proceedings may require us to disclose your personal information as well. We may also do it if you consider this disclosure is necessary for the public interest.

How we protect your personal information

We safeguard the security of the data you send us by means of physical, electronic and administrative procedures. We urge you to take every precaution to protect your personal information when you are on the Internet. Change your password frequently, preferably use combinations of letters and numbers and make sure you use a secure browser. On all Web pages that require entering personal information, we use standard SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encoding.
To make purchases from them, use a SSL- compatible browser such as Netscape Navigator version 3.0 or higher or Internet Explorer.
So your personal information and credit card number will be transmitted via Internet with the utmost confidentiality.

Collecting other personal information

When you browse Morice Young’s Website, you do so in a strict anonymity. Generally, we do not collect any personal information at this stage – not even your e-mail address. Your browser, on the other hand, automatically informs us of the type of computer and Operating System used.
Like many other sites, the Morice Young Website uses “cookies”. When first visiting the “online shop” heading, a cookie identifies your browser associating it with a unique, random number. These cookies do not reveal to us any personal information about you, except information relating to your current shopping basket when purchasing. This information is only meant to enable the successful completion of your order.
At the end of your visit, the computer will erase this information. Thus, we do not keep any trace of it.

Online payment

We do not receive, record or keep any payment records on any account.
After approval of your payment by paypal, you will automatically be back on our site. The personal data in the “cookie” will then be deleted.


This confidentiality undertaking towards our customers may be modified at any time. Please refer to it regularly to be informed of these possible modifications.